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Willow & Jada Pinkett Smith's Thrifty Shopping Spree

Enjoying a mother-daughter day, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted getting in some retail therapy in Santa Monica, CA on Friday (July 6).

The duo shopped around at a few local thrift stores, purchasing some goods as the 40-year-old beauty rocked a chic ensemble with adorable tan heels, while her 11-year-old singer donned her standard black apparel with a pair of motorcycle boots.


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From Jada's Facebook:

July 8th... yesterday was the day I was celebrating the birth of my son only to find out that Usher and Tameka were dealing with the tragedy of their son. In honor of this precious child...tell someone today you forgive them, tell someone today how much you love them, tell someone today you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Thank someone for being such a good friend to you, thank someone for having stood by you when no one else did. Take the time to appreciate life today because NOTHING... is promised. Our prayers are yours Usher, Tameka and to all those who have put love into your son. To Blair's family...our prayers are with you as well. Be strong.


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Will Smith coming back for Charlie Mack Party 4 Peace weekend

Overbrook-native superstar Will Smith, son Jaden Smith, and actors Meagan Good, Nia Long and Tamala Jones are among celebrities expected at Charlie Mack's Party 4 Peace Celebrity Weekend on July 20-22.

Rev. Run of RUN-DMC, Camden-native actress Tasha Smith, actor/comedian Faizon Love, boxing champ Bernard Hopkins, Colts lineman Raheem Brock and recently departed Sixers player Lou Williams are also scheduled to take part in the weekend full of events, geared toward reducing violence in Philadelphia.

Charlie Mack Alston is a movie producer and longtime friend/bodyguard of Will Smith. In past years, he has taken some heat over not revealing how much money his charity weekend has raised or exactly what organizations it benefits, but the event will once again deliver a star-studded roster of programs the weekend after next.

Actor Tyrese Gibson, Eagles QB Vince Young, rapper Lil Mama and singer Q Parker of 112 are also listed one of the fliers promoting the event, which warns "Celebrities subject to change."

For a full schedule, visit http://tinyurl.com/charliemack.


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From Will's Facebook:

What up, y’all! Last week me and Jada visited Ethiopia with charity: water, to see firsthand how the gift of clean water can change the lives of so many, so easily.

Join us in making this world a better place—for your next birthday, ask your friends and family for donations to charity:water at http://mycharitywater.org/birthdays. Switch out that birthday cake for some clean water!!

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