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Well, last night i wrote this extensive review of the show and it looks like it never posted. I'll probably try 2 write it again. I know alot of u had 2 check it. What did u think? I think that it was great. Better than last years. Hip-Hop was truely alive and well for the mainstream 2 see!!

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I only caught the 1st hour but from what I saw it was some incredible stuff, especially that Slick Rick tribute, I'm gonna have to catch the rest when it reruns, btw I just found a new Naughty By Nature track on allhiphop.com check it out:


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the de la soul tribute was amazing!

first off estelle and q tip doing roller skating jam named saturday! insane!

mos def rocking the stage with full mos swagger

public enemy!

when de las cam on stage, i was like ohhhhhhh man! then when they did buddy i was like i wonder if... then q tip comes out. "im q tip fro ma tribe called quest" and i was just yelling from the energy..ask my floor.

the slick rick was awesome with biz markie doing dougie fresh's part and ghostface the rap to la-di-da di. and the crowd knew everything!hip hop lives!

the only complaint i had was this. this was with childrens story and whatever song eve rapped... it seemed incredibly sped up. did anybody notice this?


and then mos doing biggies warning with the roots was crazy too...

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I found a video of the Naughty By Nature tribute:


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Yeah, can't wait to watch a re-run! Sounds illll.

De La Soul Performance


Slick Rick Tribute


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If anyone sees when it'll rerun, please post. I can't believe my post didn't post. I watched it a 2nd time and narrorated the whole thing for those who won't be able 2 catch it. Oh well.

Thanx 4 that Naughty track, Ted. I'm actually not crazy about it. WHAT HAPPENED 2 THERE SOUND!?!?! With Kay Gee back, there is no excuse for that commercial cyber rap beat. I mean, it's not bad like dirty south production, but coming from one of the groups who's consistently had some of the best production ever, it's sad when u hear them on beats like this. They lyrics are good but this isn't on of Treach's better vocal appearances.

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