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Will @ The Opening Gala of Tyler Perry's new Motion Picture & Television Studio in Atlanta


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VIDEO: Will Smith Beams with Pride over Tyler Perry's Studio

Tyler Perry became the first African-American ever to launch his own major TV and film studio on Saturday night.

Attendees at the opening of "Tyler Perry Studios" including Will Smith, Sidney Poitier, Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, Hank Aaron and Whitney Houston.

R&B star Mary J Blige preformed at the opening ceremony which took place in the new studio built on 30 acres in southwest Atlanta, Georgia.

"I was thinking about leaving at one point, but this is home for me," Perry told reporters. He also said the old near-downtown studio was "spiritually in the wrong place."

Will Smith was overwhelmed with emotions.

"This is an American first, and the first in the universe," said the I Am Legend star. "There is something happening in America and in the world that's powerful. He is not letting anyone get in his way.

"Those are the wonderfully naïve, arrogant, humble, powerfully American concepts that make things powerful in this country. It's big."

Below is an interview with Will Smith at the opening of Tyler Perry's Studios




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Amazing interview!! Thanx!! In that interview, FP seems like himself. He's gotten a little more low key and serious in his interviews but he seems like him old self there. I feel reassured that he said they are working on the prequel of I Am Legend instead of just locking in2 it. It just lets me know that he won't do it unless he feels it's actually gonna be good...even tho' i personally wish he'd just leave it alone. Any more from I Am Legend seems like it'll be a forced film made just 2 make money. I Am Legend wasn't that great of a movie all because of the rushed ending. I love that he came out for Tyler Perry. Tyler has made some truely original movies and FP really needs 2 work him. It'll bring Tyler 2 newer hights and it'll take the 'Prince 2 a place he's never been. Besides, it'll get him away from those Scientogy freaks.

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