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Rumor: Men in Black 3 is Still in Development Somewhere?


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I really hope MIIIB happens. The 2nd one was funny and entertaining. As a movie, it seemed a little 2 fast and undeveloped but overall it was good and it was a huge hit. They just need 2 get the right story. I've never heard any people involved with the MIB movies say they didn't wanna do another...usually i hear them say how they do wanna do another. And it does seem like the kinda movie that would bring FP back 2 music if he isn't already dabbling in it personally.

It's cool that we all have different opinions but when we talk about sequels, there is 1 important thing 2 consider...is there a reason for a sequel? ...or do u just wanna see that same charater again. Independence Day 2 was the most ridiculous idea ever. There was no reason for the same characters to face the crisis of aliens destrying the earth...AGAIN.

Is there really any reason to revisit the "orgin" of I Am Legend? We all know this cure for cancer was created and developed in2 something that turned people in2 night dwelling zombies. Eventually all normal human life fell victim 2 it and the only reason FP's character survived is becuz he's the smartest man ever who somehow made himself immune 2 it. Yes, the original was good up until the rushed ending which ruined the whole thing 4 me, but why go back and tell a story that we already know and stretch it out for an hour and a half. Whatever bells and whistles they add in could be okay (or stupid) but we already know what it's gonna lead up 2. I Am Legend is not an epic film that has room or reason for another. It was based off a book. Does the book have a prequel?

Enemy of the State...is there any practical reason 2 revisit that. It's one of my favorite movies but it's the kinda movie that stands alone. No reason for another.

Hitch...another one of my favorite movies...but is there any reason to go back there. Sure, a story could be told but how different could it be. Why would his character be at it again when his outlook changed and his business was shut down. On top of that, the business being exposed wouldn't be sucessful after EVERYONE knew about it.

Hancock 2...ugh. The 1st movie was kinda weird, the ending was weird and rushed. The only thing i really liked about this movie is that it had some really funny moments. I think this was probably FP's worst movie. Infact, Hancock and I Am Legend are the only FP movies i only say once at the movie theaters.

Pursuit of Happyness...we all probably agree there is no reason to go back here. Whatever story a prequel or sequel could tell would be silly since the original is based off a true story and is about the most climactic times of the characters life.

ALI...for awhile they talked about doing a prequel to ALI. I'm no expert on Ali. I'm sure there's more story there but since the original was about the most climactic time of his life, why tell a story on a smaller scale of smaller story.

When i think about sequels that would actually work...this is what i personally think.

Bad Boys...they are cops. Crime is a never ending thing. FP and Martin are a bottomless pit of funny. They chemistry is rare and unique and perfect. As long as the script is good, they do as many of these as they want.

Men In Black...a truely original story that no other movie will ever tell. The set up is easy to come up with orginal stories to. With the right stories, the scripts can keep coming.

Wild Wild West...ha ha. Sure, so many people didn't like this...at least not as much as his other movies. But when it comes to sequels, this movie COULD have one. These characters could go back face new things each time with the right script. Of course i know they never will do another one of these (unless they are crazy) but the story and characters allow them 2 go back 2 it if they want and still have options for more stories that can continue the story why letting them stand on their own.

I, Robot. I know it's based off a book that i don't believe have other books. I don't really read novels so i don't know. But cinimatically, i could see another if they were very picky with the script. However, i can't fully back this idea becuz like ID4 and I Am Legend, the extremity of the story makes it seem a bit much 2 have the characters (even if it's just FP's) face something like that again.

Have your opinions, but actually THINK about if make a sequel would make any sense at all.

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