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VMA's: Alicia, Jessica & Kanye


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i got the VMA's album of all the performances that night. so, i decided to upload the performances that i enjoyed the most that night. i enjoyed each and every last performance at the VMA's but these are my top 3 that i will share. enjoy!

[url="http://home.comcast.net/~mouse50/alicia_keys_stevie_wonder_and_lenny_kravitz_-_if_i_aint_got_you_higher_ground_melody.wma"]Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder & Lenny Kravitz - "If I Ain't Got You/Higher Ground" (Medley)[/url]
i'm sayin, Alicia and friends could've performed the whole night nonstop. this was a good ass performance. i loved Alicia. i jus love "If I Ain't Got You" and how she kills it live. especially when she be adding adlibs and shaking her head and stuff. powerful! she along with Stevie whose been in the game since a child and Lenny killed it. very good. A+!

[url="http://home.comcast.net/~mouse50/jessica_simpson_-_with_you_angels_melody.wma"]Jessica Simpson - "With You/Angels" (Medley)[/url]
man! wow! i don't care what anyone say, i enjoyed Jessica that night. she did real good to me. i didn't care for her BABYTALK in the beginning at all, but her performance as a whole was real good. i'm not even a fan of this woman like others, but i still give props when they are due and she definitely deserves them from me! good job.

[url="http://home.comcast.net/~diddy510/kanye_west_chaka_khan_and_syleena_johnson_-_jesus_walks_all_falls_down_through_the_wire_melody.wma"]Kanye West, Syleena Johnson, John Legend and Chaka Khan - "Jesus Walks/All Falls Down/Through the Wire" (Medley)[/url]
i don't even like Kanye like that, but i applaud him for his performance that night. he did a very good job. i was happy to see Syleena out there with him too! i was never able to catch them two on the late night shows performing "All Falls Down." i always missed it. so it was a treat for me to see her up on there. her and John Legend sounded good together. and then there was Chaka! Chaka Khan! she didn't sound as bad as everyone made it out to be, but you could definitely tell the difference. she was hoarse, like i thought from the beginning. still did well. loved the whole thing! nice job.
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I agree wit those three performances. It'z so funny when we got hit wit "the lil white girl. Britney, Christina, Mandy, and Jessica. No one took note of Jessica much. And outta the 3, she's the best cuz she actually sings. Yeah, Christina does too. But Jessica doesn't have 2 sell herself like Christina is now.
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I saw most of the VMA's 2nite. I didn't see some of the beginning (still havn't seen FP persent). Anyways, i've watched the VMA's since 1990 and knowing what 2 expect, i liked the show. I thought the set and design waz amazing. I thought Jessica Simpson waz good but i thought she looked kinda nervous. She's got a great voice but i didn't think her performance showed that. Christina Aguilera + Nelly's performance confused me highly. I think she's got talent, but the song didn't impress me 2 much. I also found it hard 2 take her with the short curly blonde hair after she did such a deep album 2 years ago. Nelly of course waz insanly annoying. His outfit didn't match the rest of the performers and his talent proved 2 be non-existant (as usual). The Lil' Jon + The Eastside Boyz and Terror Squad set waz so embarrassing. It waz nice seeing the crowd go insane, but their set waz so bad i nearly cried. They personified just how bad most rappers are these days when it comes 2 performing. It waz embarassing 2 see my favorites in music like FP, LL, and Latifah showing them love.

Alicia Keys performance waz amazing. OutKast's set waz nice 2, but i havn't seen Andre look that normal since 1994. Puffy looked rediculous with this mohawk (what made him grow that back), and i think my biggest personal disappointment waz not seeing Black Eyed Peas winning anything.
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