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Jada: Will has a crush on Michelle Obama!


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Source: Access hollywood/willsmithweb.com

As Barack Obama continues his historic run for President, talk has already started on who should play the senator in the movie – and Will Smith says he might be game.

“I gotta get the rights to the story,” Will told Access Hollywood on Thursday at the premiere of wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s new film, “The Women.” “I’ll make the decision in about two months as soon as he writes the ending.”

But it’s Barack’s wife, Michelle, that Will’s really interested in, Jada revealed.

“He has a crush on Michelle,” Jada said. “That’s his new crush. I gotta watch out because Will Smith loves intelligent women. Beautiful, intelligent women, that’s his Kryptonite.”

“Yeah I saw her on Larry King, she got me on Larry King,” Will admitted.

“She got you before that!” Jada said, laughing.

Jada stars in “The Women,” alongside Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Annette Bening and Eva Mendes. The film is a remake of the 1939 classic.

“It’s a very modern approach to female friendships in this day and age so it really worked,” Jada said.

Her character, Alex Fisher, is a lesbian, an update that wasn’t in the original.

“Oh, it wasn’t in that version!” she laughed. “Definitely not.”

Source: Access Hollywood

Well, what can I say? I have a secret crush on her too, lol...

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