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The actress who played "Aunt Viv" talks about Will, says she hopes he's changed, etc...


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absolutely right. She is entitled to her opinion which tho may be negative, equals to less than 2% of popular beliefs of what Will represents. Way tooo many ppl know what he about, and can personally vouch for him as a man, a co~ worker and a FRIEND..

so... everybody will always have opinions and HATERS... that when they cross the line..

I have em too, and 'I AM EVERYDAY PEOPLEZ" so U just do YOU Will...


~ cookie

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I think it's funny when we all throw our opinions out there since none of us know what's went on. None of us have room 2 judge. I'm sure polotics had something 2 do with it. FP being new 2 the acting thing and being "the star" and getting his way. As a veteran, it's sometimes aggrivating 2 see others coming up with success when u yourself studying it more, worked harder, and for much longer. I'm sure there were wrongs on both ends. It's ridiculous 2 totally defend either person unless it's pretty obvious that the wrong was all on one end. I'm sure he did catch a raw deal, leading 2 the bitter attitude. She sounds like he's past it, which is good cuz there is no reason 2 hold on2 bitterness for long.

I almost make the same Ready Rock C comment that Tim made but thought it would be wrong...ha ha. I mean, he got the raw deal 2. Just dropped from the line up out of nowhere from your best friend. That is messed up. He had the right 2 be mad for a minute but it's not right or healthy 2 harbor that negativity. I know how it is 2 have people in your life that used 2 be your bestfriend and they did u wrong and even when u are mad at them, u still hope good things happen 2 them. It kinda drives u a lil' crazy.

I think all of them are talented. I'd admire what they've done and support them all.

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