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"My Life" by The Game Ft Lil Wayne Official Video


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he doesnt really have the voice to be singing.. i know he has the vocoder thing... i mean it does fit but i just dont like lil wayne.. i mean if he is just doing the hook they should get someone who actually sings.

game mentions kanye like 3 times i think in this song..

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Lyrically, it's alright, really nothing special. There is no way at all Lil' Wayne needs to be in this song though. I'm thankful he doesn't attempt to rap but Wayne has zero reason to be on this song. None of the subject material associated with the song is relatable to Lil' Wayne, he's not even from the area, nothing fits. Just another grab at more people to get the album.

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Lil' Wayne is trash. Any song that he is one is held back. If he wasn't on Usher's "Love In The Club Pt. 2", it would be one of the greatest R-N-B songs of the last decade. And i can't find a Radio Edit w/o Rap anywhere. The beat is good. It sounds like Game is talking about some okay stuff but lyrically he's either trying 2 hard or he's just not tightly focused on the topic enough 2 come across that clear. Good effort from Game, i guess.

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