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Mr Kerry why won't you tell us the foreign leaders who you say are backing you?
"I'm doing it to save you! From something terrible! And as soon as I figure it out what it is, I'll let you know!"

So Mr Kerry, do you support NAFTA, or not?
Yes you DO, or yes you DON'T?

"Maaan, dey try to play you down deh at Heinz. Dey give you da same amount of ketchup whether you get small bag of fries or large."

"I know somebody wants to hear about my snowball fight with Jane Fonda..."

Mr. Kerry even the Washington Post says that 'it's not always clear what, if anything' you are committed to. 'Where are the bedrock principles that would guide' you in office?
"Oh! I bought a monkey." Edited by FirthWyndNMyre
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