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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Where Are They Now?

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Tatyani Ali is working on another r&b album of hers, she is working with producer Doug Rasheed who produced Coolio's "Gangster Paradise" and has worked with multi millionaire rapper Tupac Shakur. She is also talking to schools and college campuses, setting up organizations to vote for Barack Obama in this year's upcoming presidential election. Alfonso is doing minor movie roles and is in a upcoming tv show, I forget the name of it. I don't think Karyn Parsons is doing TV, at least not much of it anymore, I heard she lives in some odd place away from all the media spotlight in CA, like in Ohio or some place. Obviously, Will is still running strong, with Hancock coming out, he still puts out rap albums every 3/4 years and has his family to work and hang around. I see him on Jay Leno a lot, the two are real good friends, as you saw in the episode of TFP where Will takes pictures of celebrities houses at night, and happens to take a picture of Jay Leno's, to distribute it improperly. I looked up a lot of info on Joseph Marcell, the last TV show he was in, was in a 2006 soap opera entitled "EastEnders", playing the part of Aubrey Valentine. He also has hosted those Nick at Nite specials where their are TFP marathons, occasionally.

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