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"Close Your Eyes", Label News, Organized Mess


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Hey buddy, really liked the album. Your production is very eclectic. Highlights for me included "Fool's Gold", "Organized Mess" and "Taking Time" but the entire album is interesting and varied, great stuff! I liked the concept album vibe, the album flowed together beautifully. You've got a lot of fantastic ideas. I think you've made great strides as an emcee, and after this album I think you really do have the potential to make it, so to speak... or at least gain some type of underground following.

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it was decent i thought the reverbs you put on there were to strong thou

yeah, after listening to the final product i saw that some of the reverbs were way too high.. but there was nothing i could do about it. i forget which songs they are but yeah, its just something i cant change at this point.

That was dope...i enjoyed the whole album..from begining to end..gratz on such a good work...hope u get signed soon mate

thanks alot, im glad people are liking it as a whole and not just one or two songs... thats a big deal to me... and i hope i get signed soon too :wiggle:

anybody know some good indie rap labels or radio stations in NYC? that would be a good start for me...

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i wouldnt consider hot 97 an indie station, nor the type of station that would play my type of music... but i could always try. no harm in that. also i am always ready for critiism, thats why i put it here, to et some feedback.

but yeah if you guys know of any indie labels or stations that would play my stuff then i beg you to tell me!

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