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"Close Your Eyes", Label News, Organized Mess


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1) my newest song is "close your eyes", it samples two tony bennet songs and the movie dead poets society. guitar by my bud dan and the rest by me. hope you enjoy it.

2) the new album Organized Mess is going to be my best cd yet!

it includes:

taking time (vin diesel extended version)

fools gold (without me singing)

moment of truth

the race

good news is coming (feat dan zavaro)

lets get lost

counterclockwise (maybe)

story of a free spirit

and this new one close your eyes.

i hope to have 14 songs. all good enough to be on it. this time around im not just making a song and putting it on automatically, i will have b-sides. not to say that i am releasing them. but i want to be picky about what i put on. i already have 2 songs that i liked alot and now are on my b-sides.

--i took the album pictures so i will have to decide on that and then i will have the cover up. i want to have a majority of the final songs before i have the covers though.

3) On another note, i sent out 9 packages to 9 labels. each with 3 discs. and a letter

Disc 1 - Moment of truth, the race, two sides to every story, the race, story of a free spirit, taking time, counter clockwise, fools gold, an intro by me and a part of me.

Disc 2- good news is coming (it wasnt finished in time to be on the first disc)

Disc 3- DVD of variety show performance (same thing as youtube but without the glitch near the end)

the labels i sent to are these:

- Definitive Jux

- Sony

- Interscope

- Epitaph

- Rapster

- Warner Bros.

- Virgin

- Atlantic

Looking back i think that these labels are too big. I should really have sent to some smaller ones. I hope to at least get a rejection letter from one. That way i can have it as a souvieneir. Worst case scenario, they dont respond and that it most likely whats going to happen.


so thats the 3 things. alot to respond to. wish me luck with my stuff!

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Gratz on your music man...im feelin that new song...and wish you good luck with labels...try small ones this time tho :P

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