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Thanks to DaBrakes for posting it on the JJFP board, and to KeL Spencer himself for sharing his UMA nomination buzz,.. most of us know that Kel Spencer has been nominated (against some tough cats) for a UMA. The UMA, is an Underground Music Awards for artists that are THE HOTTEST BUZZ on the streets, and IN & around urban communities nationwide, tho not on majour labels. KeL has been growing as an artist before our eyes, and being closely connected to JJ & FP, it will be great to see him win the UMA category for "Best Lyricist".

We will have to cast votes for him every day, but you can vote ONLY once per day, unless you have more than one computer @ home. :thumbsup: Let's see if we can have some impact on helping Kel to win the UMA. I think if we all vote everyday, and keep each other reminded, as well as our friends, it can happen.

so are we gonna do a roll call or what? lol



edited: im trippin. I forgot to post the link. Ill be right back. :paperbag: lol

edited : Here is the link for the nominations. :thumbsup: scroll down to Best Lyricist of the Year

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Voted! But Cookies, you need to work on your pitch! The voting website has a feature called MODEL OF THE WEEK that shows picture after picture of the MODELS OF THE WEEK. And then after you vote for Kel Spencer, there are more PICTURES OF MODELS.

I highly recommend you go and vote, it's well worth the click! http://hiphoppalace.ning.com/

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When I click on ''Vote for best UMA lyrics of the year'' it brings me to this place - http://www.hiphoppalace.com/pages.cfm?ID=6...FTOKEN=93056127 -. There's an address and an e-mail option, what's up with that ? Can't seem to vote or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Try again, if the poll doesn't load then it probably has something to do with your browser. What browser are you using?

God Blessa!

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K people, Kel has personally asked us for help on this one through a video he sent to a few people on the forum.

Lets do what we can.

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Yeh just once a day. Unless you have access to multiple computers. Im making the most of working in an office full of computers tommorow lol

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Typhoon. let us know if u got it sweetie. I had problems too, and i got frustrated, but its cool now.. LUIGIE!... LOL. I left u a note last nite on ur facebook wall.. for you and FUQ. Kev Added me last nyte.. tho i had not been there since we connected there last year sometime. Silvertiger, ur a mess! LOL KEV... you have tons of friends there .. that will be good to get their votes... Hi5, fanbox, tagged and myspace whoever got those. lol

I haven't seen that video yet, but I was thinking he was going to request that Tim Mass Email it to the registered members on the board. If he did, I think mailing it maybe twice a week as a reminder would keep us on our toes... cuz i haven't voted yet 2day..lol



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