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Despite bad reviews & less-than-stellar turnout, Will Smith proves to be box-office gold once again. Hancock gained the #1 spot worldwide earning more than $66 million this past weekend and $100 million over the 5-day July 4th holiday. Hancock has now grossed just over $107 million and looks to finish around $175 million.

This past weekend marked the second biggest opening weekend in Smith's career(just behind I Am Legend's $77 million opening weekend) and the biggest July opening in his career beating out I, Robot. Despite critics' bad reviews at the movie's plot revolving around co-star Charlize Theron's character, Hancock was the 3rd biggest opening weekend this year behind Indiana Jones 4 & Iron Man. It was also the 20th fastest film to cross the $100 million mark. Will Smith now stands alone in this stat - he is now the only actor in history to have 8 consecutive $100 million movies.

Domestic: $107.3 million

Overseas: $78.0 million

Worldwide: $185.3 million

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Awesome! :wickedwisdom:

WOW!!! I was shocked today... after the 18 million friday I figured the 100 million mark was an impossible stat to hit but then out of nowhere 26 million on saturday:):):)!!!! WOW way to go will he does it again! what a champion! I have seen the film 3 times in theatres and I must say I thought it was AMAZING!!! I am so excited about this box office feat!

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Im gonna see it for the second time tomorrow, I think it was great too!

Ye it doesnt seem to lose any of its value the second time... well in my opinion anyway, i guess the funny parts are obviously not as funny but I found that i appreciated the second half a lot more on the second and third runs:p! (spoilers ahead) I really appreciated that his charachter was able to fight back and ultimatly get back up after certain death due to his love for Charlizes charachter and his duty to protect the world... I also enjoyed that Berg threw in little hints to what was to come ie. Charlize being so shocked when she first sees will, him holding the Frankenstein tickets at his trailer alone, and above all when they are at the dinner table eating meatballs for the first time and jason batemen says Honey is the heat on when she is freaking out with the speghetti. That one i definatly never noticed until the third time:p... I mean i noticed the heat thing later in the film but did not know it was present that early (spoilers end) All in all i found that it has a lot of replay value and I can not wait to crank that on my sound system and watch some scenes in slow motion on blu-ray:)!!

Congrats on another great film Will!!

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lol, in here they are shopwing it in the theathers since thursday. The box office in here is not as big as in other places since they are showing it in selected theathers, but people are crazy about it and are going to see it in packs. But people are obviously waiting for the new batman movie, and some others, so the box office is going to go down in the next 2 weeks..

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ahhh, time to see Hancock again!!! YAY!!

My fave scene is the 'ice cream' scene!!! LOLOLOL

OMG...Both of my sons said the SAME THING!!!!... LOL. it was soo funny, but I liked it when he threw that bad az kid in the air.. LOL.. "Call me @$$hole one more time!" hahaha.. and the end with Mike Epps... He couldnt even pronounce Hancock... "Hanchock" ... LOL... that was a good unexpected laff... This has been the best movie that I've seen in soooo long.

oh yea.. my son just reminded me... and those robbers who didn't speak english until he lifted them up in the car in the air... LOL Whoever hasnt seen it, you are gonna love it soo much. Im going again this week..

THANKS WILL!!!!!!!!! :mrstraetz: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :lolsign:



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Official numbers are in, they overestimated Hancock.

From Variety:

1. Hancock

Sony Action $62,603,879 0 3965 $15,789 $103,877,446 1


This is actually bad, now it made less than 100 M 5 day, so it's going to be TOUGH to pass 200.

Yeah, I think we can all agree that these are pretty horrible numbers. It's his what, second highest weekend opening? It clearly should have been his first. What's worse, it's only about 10 million more than his third highest weekend opening. He just barely beat that. 62 million in three days is pretty pathetic. Moreover, it didn't even get over 100 million in 5 days. Granted, they had a few showings on Tuesday night, and many of those who saw it that Tuesday would have likely seen it on Wednesday or one of the following days, but we should ignore those numbers, because, technically, it's not 5 days... This movie is officially a flop, I'm calling it. :thumbdown:

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