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So what did everyone think of Hancock?

Jazzy Julie

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as most of the reviews, negative and positive, have said, the first half of the movie was great. the comedy was all sharp and funny, the story felt like it was headed in the right direction, the action was there, etc... but basically from the time Hancock got out of prison on the movie felt rushed for some reason, it was all over the place to me. still a good movie, just the last like 45 minutes was too scattered. i think that can be attributed to them having to edit the movie like crazy to get the pg 13 rating, it was originally an R rated movie. the flaws of the movie are mostly due to the script, not the performances. will and charlize are excellent as usual, as is jason.

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I thought it was alright. I thought Will as an a-hole alcoholic was a nice change of pace for him but I thought his character developed too quickly. The actual story of Hancock was a little too vague for my liking some things just didn't feel complete enough (a lot of the plot with Charlize Theron just felt like it could have been better, to me).

A lot of the jokes would have been great if I they hadn't been played to death on TV already. Still there were funny moments I hadn't seen yet. I wish the movie had taken a darker tone as well. I think I'll like it more after I see it a few more times, but I'll always think it could have been the great movie I expected "Tonight, He Comes" to be.

God Blessa!

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I saw it yesterday...as sadly it is ..I think that this is his worst movie since Wild Wild West. They should have made the second half of the movie to a transitition from good to bad. And the release date for such a movie would have been in November/December better. It is far away from typical summer blockbuster, maybe they should have sticked to traditional superhero movie with a great bad guy!

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...as sadly it is ..I think that this is his worst movie since Wild Wild West.

Wow, I'm surprised, I thought it was a good movie! Very funny and interesting. Some of the plot was a bit vague and it was a little slow at places, but over all good.

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Well here is my review of the movie:

The idea was pretty good, even though I think that they didnt take enough advantage to play it the way they could have done it. The funny was real funny and the drama was like real drama, and thats a good thing, but to jump from like a cool comedy to a serious drama all of the sudden is like too strange for some people that went to the theather to watch a Will Smith Comedy. Is like when u watch Click with Adam Sandler and it all of the sudden changes into a drama.

Another thing was the camera. God, this is a superhero movie and looks like a documentary or a reality show at times which can turn people off sometimes. The action was real good though, really cool fights. The guy aint afraid to kill people, which with Iron Man and Batman I find it pretty cool. Will was great and was the one that cautivated all the audience during the entire movie. When he was funny people were laughin, when he was romantic people were attracted, when he was sad, people got cautivated, I mean, he really caught the attention of the public as if this was happiness..

Charlize was beautiful and sexy and incredible. Ive never liked her till this movie. I saw her naked in the devils advocate, and ugly in this movie about women abuse, but this was this movie in which she didnt play a poor abused or ugly woman and she really played it off, lol.

Bateman can really play a good guy, he did the same throughout the entire arrested development serie. The lack of a cool villain was daguering to the plot. Will really had to fight against him self the whole movie in his insides.

But in the end I think it worked, and people got off the theather feeling it did work, specially after the "seven pounds" looking Will got them off tracks to finish it all. I think it is a 8.5-10 and Id see it again whenever.

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Those that know me, know I don't follow Will as much nowadays. When I saw the trailers and ads for the movie I was like "damn, Will's coming out with another one?" What caught me was this movie was about a new kind of superhero and the special effects.

I went to go see it the night before it came out in the theater. It wasn't packed but the theater was filled well. I enjoyed the first half of the movie a lot. I came into it with no expectations except trying to see a good movie with a friend and nothing else to do that night. The opening of the movie catches your attention... I liked Will playing a scruffy drunken looking character, it was funny.

"You should sue McDonalds, cuz they f***ed you up!"

was one of the better lines in the movie.

The second half of the movie was where you really get to know Hancock and what his story is about, which for me was not the best part. As AJ said, the story line is a bit bizarre and I wasn't feeling it quite as much. To be honest, I was more captured by the super hero powers and attitude of Hancock than his bizarre story. Since I went into it with no expectations, I really did enjoy the movie and would love to see it again. I give it a 8/10.

Until next time y'all

P.S. Happy 4th of July!

First Half Of the Movie= Great, a blend of real good humor, had a plot to it. Good.

Second Half= OK, not as good as the first.

the line with the bully being thrown up and the "how bout you thickness?" scene was great. also, the beginning and the prison scene and the police scene with the latino guys was pretty cool. the first half was also good because of Will Smith's acting. He is the nice guy in Hollywood and to see him portraying a character who's obnoxious, doesn't give a sh*t and is ruthless, it adds to the movie. Charlize Theron was hot, she looked great as always! Also, I thought the scene where the husband was on the cell phone talking to a client or to somebody from work was good because of the way Hancock wouldn't stop by any means to keep hitting Charlize with whatever object was laying around in her kitchen. Overall, I give it 7.6/7.7 out of 10. First half was about a 8-8.5/10 then it dipped off. While I like the effects in the tornado scene, the supposed robot and the corniness didn't draw my attention as much as the humor and the action of the first half of the movie did. The plot to the movie was brilliant and the acting was decent. I'll give more on my take later on.

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I watched Hancock last friday. It's a very very good comedy movie in the first half. The other half is a very good action movie. Finally a Will Smith movie you can watch and have fun. His last two movies weren't that funny.

To sum up and make the point: Great actors (Will and Charlize Theron were awesome), great movie. 9.5/10.

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Ok, I wrote this in another thread, but...

...I really didn't see a love story at all, just some arguing between Will and Charlize and then the 10 min talk at the hospital, but love story? That's not a love story if you ask me. Feels like they could do a whole other movie with all the stuff that was cut out, think about it... We didn't see will on top of that building like in the trailer, and in the first cut there was like 10 min of Hancock trying to kill himself, + the sex scene and a lot of stuff with "Red" or whatever his name was, the villain...

And It was really weird when Hancock said "Sisters don't kiss brothers the way you did last night" or something like that, they didn't even kiss in the movie!!

Seriously, the love story was gone, the dark theme was gone, the edgy humor was gone... Almost nothing that made the original script so great, new and fresh was there, except Hancock, or yeah... His name and the fact that he's a superhero...

Is it just me? Or was the entire "love story" part of the movie that Pete Berg was talkning about in the early interviews completly gone?

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