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LL on the state of Hip-Hop (video)

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Some of you may have seen this before, it's from last yrs BET awards he says some interesting and intelligent things (but thats what we expect frm LL)

I just started cracking up at this though :rofl: :rofl: he should be known as Licks Lips Cool J after this vid......it's like he's using it as a punctuation at the end of every sentance!!! :rofl:


I know it's a trademark but damn! lol

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Ha ha...i've watched 100 LL Cool J interviews. He seems nervous or something. Usually he is joking and smiling and really warm. Sure, he's taking the state of Hip-Hop serious...but he waz REALLY dry in that interview. And the lip licking was outta control...ha ha. I'd never seen him like that before.

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