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Hey peeps! The forum have been doing great lately!


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Hey people, first of all I wanna say hi to all of you. To the ones I have been oposing to and the ones Ive been defending too, and to those people that really dont have an opinion to write in non of the topics posted here WHATSOEVER.. I have to say again that Im really happy to be a part of this group of people with so many different and interesting points of views about everyday subjects, and people that seem to be all around cool. Music is a big part of my life, along with sports and medicine, and I love to be around of people that share those interests. Im glad I found them here.

Lately the forum have reborn, to say the least, and we are seeing more and more people getting online, posting, even arguing, lol, every single day. Will is back in the news, and so are we in here defending him, supporting him, or either one, we are here for JJFP forever, no matter what they decide to do with their careers, right? lol.

Im glad to see that this is getting better and better and that this year that started somewhat slow, even with IM LEGEND still in the air, is getting hotter each passing day. Thx to u people this is an obligated place for me to visit everytime I get online, and I want to encorage you to continue doing this great job whether it is Informing us like ALE, TYPHOON, VIBER, ASHLEY, SANDY, TREY and the others, Reviewing stuff like TIM, AJ, BOB, DAWG and the others, making us laugh like TIGER, BRAKES, CHIEF and the others , bringing up the music like JIM, BIGTED, DEFINITION, VIPA, KEV and the others, giving us great things to think about like JULIE, COOKIE, SCHNAZZ, SOFIA (whats ur real name dude?) and the others, or just oposing and bringing new points of views like TURNTABLE and everybody else.

Sorry to the people I forgot to mention, yall great too.. This big family united with Tim have kept this forum alive and clear, and yall got my respect and all of my best wishes to keep doing this great job yall doing!

HAVE A GREAT TIME PEOPLE! Oh and go see HANCOCK July 2nd! lol

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Yeah, it's cool what u've written there.

I definitely share the same thoughts like u!

I haven't been online that often, lately but now since a few days I have more spare time and start to come online more often again.

Often there have been some time periods where I haven't been online and then online again and then not online and so on...

But from now on I'm here and I gotta say I love this board, the people and everything on here and it's always fun to post with u guys, have discussions, share some thoughts and opinions and all that stuff.

Thanks for this great board - the best there is!!! :thumbsup:

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Yeh its cool things are buzzing at the mo, and rightly so. Will's leaving us with enough to talk about being that bad or good things from his mouth.

The power of this forum over the years has proved itself with the get together in London of 5 of its main UK based members. Lets hope for mosre of these gatherings.

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Yeah the forum has been really buzzing lately. A lot of it has to with Hancock coming out July 2. A lot of it has to do with other entertainment news that's been coming out lately and lastly, we have some people on here with different views. That's a good thing because it encourages thoughtful debate. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

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I gotta admit im glad to be finally back and active on this forum once again now that i have more time!!!!

btw great thread Visqo i agree with what u said, it's just unfortunate that i couldnt meet up with u guys in London recently :worried:

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