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Will on the soundtrack definitely

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I thought the soundtrack dropped in October!! So Sept is even better!! Less than a month. Fresh Prince + Mary J. Blige...seems like a great combination. Hopefully it's got a basic Hip-Hop feel with some soul thrown in their. If u heard "All My Love" off her last album, that's what i'm hoping 4 when it comes 2 the sound and vibe.
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Not 2 mention that this way, he can't be ignored when comin' back out. Doing a track with Mary J. Blige, which'll probably have a video is the perfect combination. There's a chance that his comeback single could be ignored, but since it's attached 2 Sharktale, AND it's with Mary J. Blige, things can't go wrong. His fanbase is always waiting...but all those BWS-buyers will now probably get the new album cuz it'll be piggy-backing this new song.
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2 SONGS OF WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will: "Willio what u wanna put now?"
Willio: "got to be real"
Will: "REally? ho no ppl heard that no..."
Willio: "got to be..."
Will: "ok, ok..."
Willio + Mary: "got to be realllllllllll" (piki piki wa piki piki got 2...)

Ahmmmmmmmmm... got litel carried away sorry... that is that time of Will again... that smell of good music in the air u feeling it?...
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[quote=DevilsJim89,Sep 3 2004, 03:37 PM]Would the video be related to the movie, like showing clips of the movie? I remember "Shake Ya Tailfeather" did and showed small clips of BB2 in the video.[/quote]
I doubt they'd put a song off the soundtrack out that wouldn't feature parts of the movie in it or tie it in2 the movie. I'm just disappointed that it looks like it'll be a movie-related song as his 1st single back in 2 music. I wanted a legit album song. On top of that, "Got To Be Real" is most-likely a radio-friendly song u can dance 2. That's alright but i just wanted a laidback song from him and Mary.
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