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Will Confirms Tour

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Will Smith has admitted that if he had to choose one career he would pick being a musician.

The Hollywood actor, who released hits in the 1990s including 'Gettin Jiggy With It', 'Summertime' and 'Just The Two Of Us', said nothing could equal the thrill of playing live gigs.

"I would have to choose music because there's no feeling in the world like when you are on stage and that record hits that the audience has been waiting for," he told Heart.

"Nothing compares to that feeling. Nothing."

However, Smith claimed that he wasn't sure he could "support the family" if he gave up his acting work.


If hes worried about feeding his family, thats why he should do both, come on, an album every few years isnt going to hurt his finances!!!

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If Will does make a new album it won't mean that him and his family will be living in a dumpster just because he didn't make a movie instead.

PS. I hated the way that article said ''The Hollywood actor who released songs in the 90's''. They make it look as if Will has always been an actor who have released a few odd songs here and there

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unless Will is ordering dag on million dollar burgers when they go out to eat dinner... i dont see it happening... him going broke...

Ever heard of "a budget" Will ? LOL... i can teach him that REAL gud.. hahah :thumbsup:

besides... Willow and Jaden can practically support themselves.. LOL



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I think it would be great for Will to do something similar to Jethro Tull. At their height, they would play Madison Square Garden, and also play smaller venues like rock clubs and medium size venues. I think Will Should do both. He really needs to connect with the fans again.

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