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Germany played very well against Portugal and Poland. They deserve to be in the final! And u always need to have some luck to win a tournament like this!

To add to that, winning when you play bad, as they did against Turkey, is what makes champions!

Still rooting for Spain though. I just hope they don't fall at the last hurdle like they seem to do whenever they get a decent chance to do something in a tournament. Muck like England. Gonna be a great final, the German back 4 is gonna have to work hard to cope with Torres and Villa, and then you have that Spanish midfield that is so good they can afford to leave Fabregas and Alonso on the bench. Although I get the horrible feeling Spain have been playing to well to win the tournament. They've got to the final without a bad performance, lets just hope that continues.

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and then you have that Spanish midfield that is so good they can afford to leave Fabregas and Alonso on the bench.

I guess you're talking about Xavi :bowdown:

Man I'm still celebrating our win, it was a fantastic day. We played an awesome second half and in my opinion there's no team that can face us. We deserve to be where we are. Germany will be a hard opponent, no doubt, but we are stronger than ever so I'm convinced that we can win. It would be sooo great! :yeah:

But if we lose against Germany... well, I'd still be happy with the way we have played during this tournament, with all the talented players that form our team and that have showed their skills and with one of the most exciting Euro Cups I can remember. :gettinjiggywitit:

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Turkey deserved to win IMO. Germany has won all the matches playing really poor football.

I don't agree. We played very good against Poland and, especially, against Portugal. Don't forget that. Plus, Turkey had always that luck to shoot a goal in the last 2 or 3 minutes. Now we had that luck, that's just fair.

It's no luck when u do this three times straight against Suisse, Czech republik and Croatia.

We don't have the most professional players in our team with lots of knowledge but we always fight, we always give our very best to win the game.

We show strength and confidence.

That's why we deserved all our wins and deserved the match against germany, either.

But in this game we just had bad luck...

Of course bad luck and luck are part of a soccer game, too.

But we had harder opponents as it always is and we really fought our way thru' and deserved to be in the finals.

Nobody expected such strength from turkey and we all proved them wrong and played very well against the germans, we were much better.

No disrespect, I'm happy for u germans but I'm just sad about the fact that we played a much better ball game and lost it at the end tho'.

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Well Done Spain, very glad they won. The deserved to win 2,3 - 0 really. Germany fought hard to get to the final with no real show of greatness but fair play to them for getting there.

But on the day Spain were just waay too strong.

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