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Skillz Mentions hangin' wit Will in interview

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DX: On “Where I Been” from the new album you note that you’ve been spending time of late, “In Miami doing it up with Will.” Is that Will Smith you speak of?

S: Yeah, that’s a good friend of mine. He taught me a lot. The lessons that I’ve learned from him, it’s not really to where I could put it into words. He’s a real deal dude. If he says he’s gonna do something, you better believe it.

DX: So should we expect Skillz in like the next Will Smith blockbuster movie or something? Like, what are you guys talking about when you’re together?

S: Well I was just with him the other day. We were talking about working on some music for his movie Hancock. I went to the screening for that and hung out for awhile. And we just tossed around some ideas – me, him, Jazzy Jeff. Those guys are Hip Hop royalty to me. So for me to just be in the same room with both of them it’s amazing. I never thought a little kid from Virginia would be on a movie set with Will Smith.


DX: I love how you can just casually drop that: “And when I was chillin’ with Will Smith yesterday... [Laughs]”

S: I mean, like, dude he’s such an influential figure that between him and Jazzy Jeff, like I told you, they’re like living legends to me. I’ve watched their whole career, and I’ve watched it blossom into what they’re doing now. And just to be a part of it… Like, I helped write some stuff on his last album. And to just be a part of that is a beautiful thing because it definitely inspires you. I dare anybody to spend five minutes around Will and not get inspired.

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Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff & Skillz!! All on the same track! Imagine that...

Thats awesome that Skillz is friends with Will, maybe Skillz could inspire Will to work on music.

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Music for Hancock eh! Good to hear..its a step in the right direction


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