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Countdown to London show...

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How is everyone feeling now with one day to go. Them not performing in Paris has frustrated me alittle with thinking some last minute plans may ruin the chance of them performing. Maybe though they never did plan to play in France and just the Aus and London shows were on the cards for JJFP. Well we will just find out tommorow. Did we confirm that Jeff was with Will at the mo somewhere on the board?

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Well the only place that was properly confirmed was Oz. Will said lots of times he would perform in London but nothing was ever set in stone.

Lets just pray that the performance is still on and they didnt plan to do France, apparently he doesnt have a huge following there. Lets hope thats why.

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The paranoia is just rubbing off on me abit, thats all. I am confident they will be performing. Just you always get little doubts with Will, cos nothing is ever really announced officially.

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The last I heard from Jeff was he was coming to australia and they were performing..before that Will said they were gonna perform at the hancock premieres..and darnell confirmed to brakes they would be performing in the UK.. since the australian premiere got cancelled I havent heard anythin so I hope Jeff is still on board with Will for some performances.. hopefully they perform in germany tonight!

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Well we will just have to keep our fingers crossed.

It'll be a fun day whatever, but seeing JJFP Live is something that is important to all of us and we may not get another chance ever to.

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