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podcast ep21 is here!

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download it now!


listen online or subscribe here: http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/multim...ith-podcast.htm

We discuss:

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff are performing in London June 18th, We preview the show. Will Smith on Ellen. Will's hunger for music. Can Will remember his lyrics? Will Smith opens scientology school? We discuss the latest controversy. Hancock goes into reshoots. How will the movie turn out? Is Sony promoting the movie incorrectly? Rumours of Will back in the studio recording. The possibility of a jazzy jeff fresh prince album. Why Hancock's Sydney world premiere was cancelled.

Good podcast I thought! but leave your feedback for us in this post!

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Awesome. To bad i had to leave the podcast cause my computer froze though lol

did you find it hard to get a word in? :kekeke: I think the rest of us have been doin this a while so the chemistry's there and we just keep talking :wiggle:

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