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HOW IS IT THAT THE WHOLE VMA'S GO BY AND THERE IS NO TALK OF THE WILL SMITH CD, OR SINGLE? They mentioned the movie shark tale, by the way: in the comercial they didn't mention will smith was going to be on the cd..., they never brought up "switch" this is unfair. i wanna know more about it, and i wanna hear it. lets face it will smith's arrival was the best part of the whole VMAs. this show is getting crappier each year, they coulda saved it by a suprize performence from Will Smith... but no, they didn't even mention he was going to have a cd out. THAT IS JUST WRONG!!!
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I'm starting to get the vibe that ever since the music industry person said "will smith dont appeal to kids anymore", MTV just doesn't like to show him but everytime he comes on, he gets the crowd jumpin all the time. People still love him yet MTV would rather show some crap rapper like 50cent than a positive, always fun and cool and funny rapper Will Smith.

Is this world f*cked up or what?
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Will looked good of coarse amd he really hyped up the audiance when he came down. There was no host Dave Chapelle just did a few bits. Having no host made the show not flow at all!! I was also dissapointed no mention of his music but on the red carpet they didnt really give him a chance to talk. :bang:
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First of all, I'm back...

I expected the VMAs to be predictable and wack and sure enough, I was right. The performances were brutal(with the exception of Alicia Keys' performance). I thought Dave Chapelle should have hosted the show. You pretty much knew who was going to win what(although I was glad to see No Doubt win 2 awards).

I'm also not surprised that MTV didn't promote Will's new single and album. They didn't promote B2R. It's really sad that the music industry shows no love to real artists like JJFP but will give acts like Nelly top-billing. It doesn't matter what you've done it only matters if you're hot right now. It doesn't matter to them that Will's sold nearly 30 million albums, won 4 Grammys and won every other music award conceivable. To the music industry, Will is not hot. In their minds, he an actor. It's a shame that the music industry is in such disarray.
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