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Songs Featuring Will Smith or JJFP

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Here's the list of songs featuring Will Smith/The Fresh Prince:

1.) "I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else's Bed)" by Billy Ocean (1989)

2.) "When The Radio Is On" by Paul Shaffer (1989)

3.) "Voices That Care" (1991)

4.) "Boy You Knock Me Out" by Tatyana Ali

5.) "Hey Sexy Lady Remix" by Shaggy & Sean Paul

6.) "Got To Be Real" by Mary J. Blige

Here are the sources, where you can finde them:

1.) On Billy Ocean's Greatest Hits cd or as a single

2.) On Paul Shaffer's album Coast To Coast or as a single

3.) On the Voices That Care cd single

4.) On Tatyana Ali's album "Kiss the Sky" or as a cd single

5.) On the Compilation album "Riddim Driven: Sexy Lady Explosion"

6.) On the Sharktale soundtrack cd.

Hope, I could help.

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Its on the sharktale sound track, u could probably even get it off itunes.

last year when my college had napster (legal version), they didn't even have it. I don't use apple products (sansa mp3 player) and i've tried local record shops. i'll have to keep hunting (online retailers are usually a very last resort)

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