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Brand New Funk 2K7

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I like all the versions of "Brand New Funk" equally. The album version is classic...the live version is equally as classic...and the Extended Remix is the classic...just longer.

The new version is pretty blah. It's got a classic beat with a less than classic emcee on it. Jeff's scratching is a plus but the song leaves me scratching my head. The idea of re-making a classic is risky enough, but when it's clearly not that good, why bother letting people hear it. Bottom line, it should have never been done without the 'Prince.

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BRAND NEW FUNK is a strait classic. no doubt. I dont think theres anything risky about when they do anything fresh to it... all it does is introduce classic oldskool flavour to a newer generation of fans that may not realize how much of a classic the original is,.. or even know anything about it. so it sort of creates a generational 'gap' closure, or rather...simply add a lil bit of twysted flavour to blend with a new generation of muzik lovers...

i think thats always good, keeping it fresh like that... Ive had many arguments with my 19 and 16 year old on alot of other joints they think are NEW, and I say nooooo thats OLDSKOOL joints with a newskool flavour.. they think i am usually making things up with my 'old' self. LOL whateva...



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