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TROTM skit on track Go See the Doctor 2K7

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Can any JJ and FP fans shed some light on the skit at the end of Go See the Doctor 2K7?

It's the one where Jeff calls Will to ask whether any fans asks after him...

When Jeff finally gets through to Will, Will says something like,

"Snazzalean! Just a match and a little bit of gasoline"

Is this from an old song that they did together? I can't find anything on the net.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: so the answer is Will calls Jeff, "Snazzy" and he's quoting the Ice Cube track, "No Vaseline". Thanks to forum posters for being so helpful! Cheers from Australia.

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Just googled it, and brakes was right.

"With no vaseline, just a match and a little bit of gasoline.

Light 'em up, burn 'em up, flame on...

till that Jheri curl is gone."

i just read thru the lyrics of that whole song, omg hes a very angry man lol.

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Its from the diss track he did to NWA and Eazy E! Pretty good song!

Yeah, that song is one of the hardest diss tracks ever recorded. Ice Cube is one of the few gangsta rappers that I actually listen to, his stuff is classic. Can't wait to check his new album out after hearing Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.

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