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Will needs to play a villain


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Here's something you may or may not know about me: I love Will Smith. Huge fan of the guy; I've thoroughly enjoyed almost all of his movies (I said, almost) and he always gives you a good performance. Obviously, I'm not alone -- if you put Smith in a movie, any movie, you're pretty much guaranteed $100 million at the box office ... and that's a low estimate. However, when it comes to a Will Smith film -- be it small or large -- one thing is always a given: He's gonna play the good guy. His good guy will have flaws, sure, but what protagonist doesn't have flaws?

So as much as I love Will Smith and enjoy shelling out money for his movies, I'm beginning to think the guy needs to change things up a bit -- ie: when will big Willy take on the role of villain? And I don't mean the guy who's not quite good and not quite bad -- kinda shady, what have you (Six Degrees doesn't count either; too early in his career) -- I mean the guy you don't want to cross. The guy who'll crush your skull if you spell his name wrong. The guy you want to drop off a building five minutes into the movie. THAT'S who I want to see Will Smith play. The big question is, though, could he pull it off? Not only that, but would he ever consider such a role in the first place?

Will Smith is the kind of guy who's real into family, and I imagine he consults with them when it comes to every role he takes on. He likes to serve as a good role model for his kids, as well as kids and adults across the country, so I'm not sure he'd even entertain the thought of being a baddie for once -- especially if his kids don't support it.

And could he pull it off? Have we arrived at a point where we're so used to seeing Will Smith in a hero role that to watch him play a villain would throw off everything? Would the film ultimately suffer if a Will Smith character didn't win in the end, or, even worse, was killed off? Could people handle that?! Would the world collapse before our eyes?

What do you think? Would you want to see Smith play a villain? If so, what kind? And name some actors who, after playing good guys for a majority of their careers, decided to play a villain ... and pulled it off successfully. I'll start with the first name: Denzel Washington.


- Ok, I know we have talked about this a few times before, but this article got me thinking about it all again... I really want Will to play a really bad guy, but I feel it isn't very likely, not in the upcoming 10 years or so anyway.

What do you guys think? Do you want him to play a bad guy or even a villain, and do you think he will ever consider to play one?

I've said it before, and I will say it again... I want to see Will do something jaw-dropingly bad to another person (Killing someone they love, or something like that)... Or be a Tom Cruise in Collateral kind of guy.

I remember reading this quote...

"I haven't been inspired to play a bad guy, I'm sure there is a bad guy at some point that has the right message. Scarface had the right message about power and drugs and it showed you exactly where that mess was going to end up, so even though it's a tragic story there is a positive message in it."

...and just thinking "NOOOOO!", I't feels like he always have to bee the nice guy in the end...

But yeah, what do you guys think?

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I think if he wants really to get an oscar, he has to play a villain sooner or later. Look at Denzel, he did great movies through his careers, but he got an oscar for Training Day instead of Malcolm X. Another one is Forest Whitaker with Last King of Scotland, he played an dictator...

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Will has proved he's capable of playing any role in any genre. He could do it but I think that's not what he's looking for. He wants to give us a good message with every role he plays. It would be cool to see him as the bad guy for once though.

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Will could totally pull it off, i have no doubt about that, but like everyone else said i dont think he'd do it yet. Maybe if he decides his career needs a new path in the future but for now i think he wants to stick to having a good message in his movies.

I would like to see it tho at some point.

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oh. there's no doubt that he wouldn't pull off a role of villian good,... im like this. Will, just do whatever your heart wants to do. Imma be right there cheking out that chest. lol

ok.. im being silly. I support whatever he wants to do.. we are not getting younger.. and yea. lol



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