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The new album...

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Here's what we know...

Will has been working on the album for about a year.

He has thought about releasing thru' the internet b4 releasing it commercially.

He has worked with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kel Spencer, 4 trax with Petey Pablo, and is eyeing a song he did with Mary J. Blige as the 1st single.

The vibe is supposed 2 be retro Hip-Hop.

Much of it waz recorded from his own trailor while shooting movies.

He's waiting 4 the right time 2 release the album.

He still has no label.

He worked on stuff 4 the Sharkslayer soundtrack.
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I hope Will releases his album this year. It's time for some [b]REAL hip-hop [/b]. It's been almost 2 years since BTR and I'm getting anxious about Will's new music and nauseated from having to hear all of these wack rappers on radio now. Edited by TopDawg14
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Im definalty hungry 4 it now, i was listening 2 Willenium driving home from work and i was thinkin i really hope the new album is similar 2 it, coz that would b so cool. And then listening 2 Dont fight the feeling, i have a urge to hear more new tracks.

At least we know this year Will has done at least 2 tracks 4 Sharktale, and he has possibly sampled Jaws and at the car wash. (All i know is that those songs are sampled on the akbum, but i dont know if Will has).
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I'm lookin' forward to that Big Will album 'cause he needs to show the Hip-Hop world that his game is deeper than any M.C. out right now, he's too underrated, I never hear any of his songs on Hot 97 or Power 105!
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