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finally a good rap album!


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I finally got an album that I think a lot you will like.. If you like Big Willie Style you should really like this..

Lyrics born - everywhere at once..

Its his first album in 5 years.. The sound is very 80s funk.. It's kind of like a party record.. The album is released on Tuesday but you can listen to the whole album on myspace right now


Please give this album a chance..

For me its a bit disappoitning he's done more a commercial album, cause his previous had a lot of substance but it's nice to hear something different from lyrics born.. The guy can rap! he has a sing song kind of flow. All the topics are very much in line with Will.. girls, life, dreams and a positive attitude.. There is absolutley barely any swearing at all.. So check it out!

Tracks you might like:

The world is calling



hot 2 deff with chali 2na from jurassic 5

positive fun rap ftw :thumbsup:

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I just got this album. It's only $7.99 this week at Best Buy. However, i just peeped the album online b4 opening it and i'm not feeling it 2 much. I like the experimental vibe 2 it, but i expected the straight Hip-Hop from the albums i own. I'm gonna listen 2 it online a few more times before i deside 2 open it or take it back.

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I love it, the tracks are very vivid and colorful. I'm digging Top Shelf and Differences. I think I''ll be buying this one, it feels very different in a good way, original.

Tim, thumbs up for the great recommendation. There are so many albums out there that I feel tired of looking for the good ones, most of 'em are junk. But I dig this one, Cakewalk is decent too.

The more I listen to his songs the more I like it, listening to Whispers atm - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-X7lGTbfQS8&...feature=related - and it's really really good. Check out I can't decide - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IsdSMPz8qjA&...feature=related. The guy is extremely talented.

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