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"Worst rappers ever"

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I just saw this and came 2 the board 2 post it. This is what happens when people who know nothing about Hip-Hop get a place 2 share their opinion. I have no idea who the writer is but it looks like he doesn't know the 1st thing about Hip-Hop. I mean, if Fab Five Freddy wrote this, maybe i'd care.

We all know that it's rediculous that FP is on it. I'll never agree with MC Hammer being on it. He showed the entire game how a show should be put on. He waz the hardest working man in Hip-Hop. Rappers wouldn't be endorsing cloths, food, or doing movies if MC Hammer hadn't done it all 1st. I'll also never agree with Marky Mark being on it. His flow, lyrics, and beats (especially the later ones) were right where i like music 2 be. Both of them are my in my personal favs. And why a lot people chuckle when i say this, i like Brian Green's album and Shaq's albums alot. I'm not calling them legends, but i like them and their stuff is 100 times better than anything that's been on the charts in the past decade.

I think Puffy sucks, but with everyone who's entered the mainstream scene in the past decade, i can't say he'd be in the top 25. I'm not really a fan of Bubba Sparxxx but he actually had a few singles that i didn't think were 2 bad.

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