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Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince DVD???

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Artists have all kind of dvds out. These guys need at least one. One that has all their videos, some live performances, interviews, just anything cool concerning JJFP. And just all about their whole combination. Will can shine on his own DVD later. And so can Jeff. They should have one 2gether 1st. :werd: Yo Tim, put a good word in 2 em bout it. :thumb: :thumb: (where's the toes, knees and elbows smilies?)
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Hopefully FP's new project will be huge and Jive will re-release JJ+FP "Greatest Hits: The Videos" on DVD and repackage it with some of the things they missed.

Columbia is just ignorant for not putting 2gether a Will Smith "Greatest Hits" DVD. The Will Smith Video Collection is great, but it would be nice 2 have "Boy You Knock Me Out, Freakin' It," both versions of "Nod Ya Head," and "1,000 Kisses"...and bonus stuff.

Both companies are money hungry so if FP's new project is big, there a chance that could happen. I doubt they'd outdue themselves tho.'
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Since we've been waiting for this new album for so long maybe they're working on a bonus DVD they'll put in the 1st 500,000 copies of the CD with live performanes/behind the scenes/some music videos/interviews, so the diehard fans that buy the album 1st will get it and later on they'll put the DVD on sale for everyone else! It's a dream though isn't it? :werd: Edited by bigted
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Don't be Prince. I've only seen...

Men In Black
Wild Wild West (1 good time)
Parents Just Don't Understand
Gettin Jiggy Wit It
[i]edit:[/i]Also Nod Ya Head (Black Suits Comin)

And that'z it. and U know it'z rarely seen. I've seen em a few good times. that'z it. (maybe I made U feel bad Prince. Oops. Sorry. Edited by mfuqua23
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