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jazzy playing liverpool


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[quote=Hero1,Sep 20 2004, 05:54 AM]well what did he say about switch exactly :ridepony:[/quote]
He was just talking about it being the first Single, but I never thought Jazzy had anything to do with it. The way he was talking about it made out like he was there and had quite a bit of input into it which is nothing but good in my book. The way he talked about it made me believe he really had either influcence or input for the track. He never really said anything specific, I don't know if that was because he couldn't or didn't want to but either way he got me more hyped up about Switch.
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Reading this get's me more hyped about the album - new year seems so far away

anyway i very happy that when he's not producing the song he's getting to put input on them
by the way he said about how much work they are putting into this it's begining to sound like the good old days of jjfp

:switch: :clap: :bowdown:
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