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Wills Best Album

Which album is the best by Will?  

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  1. 1. Which album is the best by Will?

    • Big Willie Style
    • Willennium
    • Born To Reign
    • Other one...

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willennium had that y2k aura about it and it had quite a number of guest apperances unlike bws. bws was old school too, cause almost all the songs were samples. bws fetched will countless awards and popularity. it's an album i cant get worn over from. willennium's good but i think bws will be will's best until we hear the new one. and talking of bws, why hasn't will hooked up with poke and tone, of trackmasters. they really hyped bws up!
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Big Willie Style was my first love, this cd introduced me in the hip hop world...I loved Gettin' jiggy, It's all good, Y'all know, Don't say nothin' and Just Cruisin'...But I have to say Willennium is Will's best Album! It grew slowly in my mind, musically is totally different from BWS, which is more commercial but however excellent! Willennium has a retro style that I prefer. Lyrically Bws and Willennium are perfect, Will rocks the mic..But Willennium has trax like so fresh, pump me up, potnas n no more which u can't find in bws. So...
#1 - Willennium
#2 - Code Red
#3 - Big Willie Style
#4 - Homebase
#5 - He's the Dj, I'm the rapper
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[quote=diehardwill,Aug 28 2004, 11:09 AM]and talking of bws, why hasn't will hooked up with poke and tone, of trackmasters. they really hyped bws up![/quote]
because they suck!!!!

i was disappointed in big willie style when it came out..coming off code red i was really hyped..but there were quite a few problems with the record...

1. will was rapping in the style of the time, and abandoned his fresh prince rhyme style

2. a lot of traxs were ghostwritten

3. trackmasters production..completely lacked any originality or creativity..simply took classic hits from the 80s..and didnt change the beat at all or add anything...

4. wills content..way 2 many times will got sidetracked with his rhymes and started rapping about how good he is.. example dont say nothin is a diss 2 the haters but then he starts talkin abt his son riding in jet planes and who knew how interesting his life is.. fresh prince was never like that..

5. no storytelling traxs on the album at all

6. the scratches by jazzy jeff were continually turned down extremely low so you could hardly hear em by the trackmasterz!

7. the skits become very tired after a few listens and you have to skip em all the time...

8. big willie style.. i mean that was the perfect sort of will doin what was out at the time..in 1997 all traxs were like this! and damn that female on the track is annoying!

9. theres not enough serious traxs from will..and showing of real emotion.. u got chasin forever/just the two of us and i loved you.. but thats it! the rest is all flossin!

10. too jiggy..not enough substance..

willennium for me is a hip hop classic.. lookin back on big willie style its prob a lot better than i first though.. but id still rate willennium and the jjfp albums ahead of it....
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[quote=Da Brakes,Aug 29 2004, 03:59 AM][quote=Hero1,Aug 29 2004, 05:12 AM] 5. no storytelling traxs on the album at all[/quote]
Wasn't Candy story telling? [/quote]
Candy is such a nice song. Hes telling a story bout how he wants to get with this girl. Uses alotta candy references which if you look at the structure of it in the lyrics, its pretty clever.
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