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Whose Gonna Win The English Premier League


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Man Utd will pull themselves up again i just think they will come 3rd again behind Arsenal and Chelsea.

Atleast they have just signed Wayne Rooney tho.

No Premiership games for a while now as we have International Matches thsi Weekend in Friendly and World Cup Qualifying form.
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i hope They're really gonna pull themselves up, ever since david left they haven't been doin that good..

and i wanna see another game of manchest United against Arsnal..they had it good last saturday,although they never won

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Bit of an update in order i think.

Arsenal are storming the league at the moment averaging nearly 4 goals a game.

Chelsea are also in fine form.

Not looking great for Man Utd at the mo, but atleat a lot of their players are back from injury soon.

And as for my team Tottenham, we haven't had a bad start, still unbeaten and with the star player of the moment Jermain Defoe on fine form things are looking good.
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Tottenham have some hard games coming up though

Man Utd (With Rio and Rooney Back)

I think it will be a shame for ledley king as he may find himself out of the England team as both Rio and Sol are back this weekend
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Yeh we have got two hard games now, which is why is was importnat to start well. Yeh its shame for Ledley cos he's played so well for England, but he's a definate shoe in for the future of the England set-up, even if he's fourth choice really behind, Ferdinand, Campbell, and Terry.
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