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Jada Pinkett Wins Essence Award /Attends Film Independent's Spirit Awards


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I'm at college and I've seen the pics very fast, is JAda crying?I'd like to see some video of this..

Why's Jada Crying?


Something's made Jada Pinkett Smith spout some salties.

Yes, this dame has had a right boo-hoo.

But what's the cause of her wet-eyed woe?

It takes a lot to get a lady crying when she's got mascara on, trust us. The panda-eyed look is never a favourite on a night out.

However, we're glad to report those were tears of pure joy.

The petite lady was on stage at the first Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood luncheon, and it seems her teary-eyed moment set off hubby Will Smith too.

He wasn't shy to cry on stage either, but we know they were pure tears of pride as he handed over an award to his wife for the huge impact she's made in Hollywood.

Heck, they may even get us started on the waterworks now too. Sniff.

Making us even more emotional is the fact that their pals, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, were there to support them. Sob.

So, grab a tissue and tootle off to see the gallery of Jada Pinkett Smith at the Hollywood luncheon.


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Jada Is the Essence of Women in Hollywood

While the crowning jewel of award season, the Academy Awards, are Sunday this whole week is full of actors rewarding each other including yesterday's First Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood luncheon. Jada Pinkett Smith was one of the women of the afternoon and Will was on hand to present the award to his wife for everything that she has done in Hollywood. Tom and Katie (love her shoes) were there to help celebrate and speak about their friend alongside Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union and Vivica A. Fox just to name a few. Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee and possible record-breaker Ruby Dee also received an award at the luncheon and who knows, her mantel may be even more full by the end of the weekend!


To see more from the event including Quincy Jones, Gabrielle Union, Vivica A. Fox, Paula Patton, Raven Symone and others just read more


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Jada Pinkett Smith's Revealing Interview


For actor Will Smith, there's no bigger hero in his personal life than his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. "I look at this woman every day," he explains. "And I’m always like, ‘Somebody needs to honor you, girl!’”

And that's exactly what happened Thursday when Essence magazine honored Jada at its First Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon.

In an interview with TV's Extra, Jada opens up about the harsh difficulties in her early life that molded her into the strong woman she is today. “I watched my aunt and my mother go through addiction," the actress reveals. "And how they went in and out of rehab. It affected me a lot.”

Jada also says that, unlike some shaky Hollywood marriages, her husband of 10 years is the real deal. “Will doesn’t behave the way he does for me," she explains. "You have to do that because that the man you want to be. Will is that man."

And on the question of Jada's top beauty secret, it appears that Will has a hand in that too, as she responds, “Lots of sex!”

To check out the entire interview, tune in tonight to Extra!


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