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Numero Uno!

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I was browsing through some CDs in my car a couple days ago and I found a CD I made like a lil over 2 years ago and its called "DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Forever 80s". I come across Track 4 which is "Numero Uno" and oh man, that song is straight fire. FP is just spittin raw heat while Jeff is just scratching it up. Probably lyrically, skillfully, one of their best songs ever. The wordplay is just so sophisticated and pure. This is how battle rapping should be. Now I'm sitting here wondering why FP doesnt rap like that anymore. I use to read online how some people argue that FP was better as the Fresh Prince than his solo. Obviously its true. I want JJFP to just go flat out fast like flo-jo, crazy like kujo .. haha I just love the speed and delievery and how on point it all is.

And then right after this track is the raw .."He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper" track..love it!!!

"Pop so much trash, man I can't wait to be face to face, and hear Jeff say SICK EM

Man you're gonna be my victim..."

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And In This Corner took years to grow on me as much as the other albums. But its the one i have been listening too the most lately. Great sampling by Jeff, interesting styles by FP. Playfull, experimental. AWESOME Go listen again right now

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It's vintage JJFP right there, hip-hop at its realest form, "Numero Uno" is one of my all time favorite tracks

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