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Well, this Dj and his crew made a lot of hit records on 2007. The beats are really good, but they try so hard in making remixes and remixes of them remixes that they lose a lot of credibility and them rhymes sound wasted and unplanned. He teams up with the chorus masters from Konvict music and with Rick Ross who seems to be singing all the same stuff all the time, and finally with Lil Wayne, who is..., well, Lil Wayne and we cannot argue that everything he touches masses seems to dig that, even though is as horrible as he is.

What do you think about Khaled? His music, songs, beats, and are them really the Best? or is he just used to say it without a reason all the time? Post your opinion.

Here are some of them videos from him:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH2V3FbJW14 BROWN PAPERBAG

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwVAIZMseow IM SO HOOD REMIX

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9g2szHsoz0 WE TAKIN OVER

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I give most of his beats a 5 or 6. Decent songs could be made if a dope lyrical emcee took the song 2 a highr level but he rarely works with a respectable artist. If he does they typically give him one of their weaker performances. The second he yells "we the best!!" it reminds me of a 10 year old who is really trying 2 convince people that the music is any good.

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Ohh, now thats something I didnt know. Then why he tries to convince people that hes actually has something to do with that. Then the only reason he is in the song is because thats his cd...

And if thats true, then he should be yellin: they the best!

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That is the most annoying thing I have ever heard, some of his songs are okay, but he should never be allowed to speak on a track because his voice is so bothersome.

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