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Will Smith performs with Jazzy Jeff


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Despite being a huge Hollywood movie star, Will Smith hasn't forgotten his former music career as one half of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.


Will Smith is to reunite with Jazzy Jeff

The I Am Legend actor is set to perform a couple of dates with his old friend this summer.

"Jeff and I perform a couple of times a year," he says. "We're going to go out there in July and we're checking out some places throughout the world to do some big shows. To circle back to that golden age of hip hop - we're planning some things."

For years, better known as the Fresh Prince from the hit TV show, Will has fond memories of the day people stopped referring to him as the character.

"On July 6 1996, when the Fresh Prince finished, and after Independence Day came out, that Monday was the first time that somebody called me Mr Smith," he says. "I'm like 'what the hell?' All through the Fresh Prince, it was, 'hey hey Fresh Prince, Fresh Prince'. But that morning when the box office numbers came out after Independence Day, people said 'good morning Mr Smith.' It was so bizarre."


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this would suggest it would include proper concerts not just premiere shows

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