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New Mariah Album ''That Chick'' Out In April


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Mariah's new album, tentatively titled That Chick, saw collaborations with T-Pain,Young Jeezy, and Damien Marley with production by her long time friend and producer Jermaine Dupri, Will I Am, Rodney Jerkins and The Dream.

The new music with catchier hooks and melodies than ever, even sees Mariah taking on an exciting new musical adventure where she sings in Jamaican patois on her Damien Marley duet ''Cruise Control'' where she references ''dramas'' and ''baby mamas'' and like your favorite rap star Mariah throws down a new Mariahism(''you love yourself some me'') soon as the album gets into public domain.

Urban music lovers in the house were really excited about that track as well as hip hop banger ''Heat'' produced by Will I Am, ''For Real, For Real'', and ''Migrate'' where 2007's hit man T-Pain hooks up with Mariah but it was the title track ''That Chick'' with its double entendres which includes a tip of the hat to Micheal Jackson with references to his ''Of The Wall Classics'' that had top chart taste makers excited claiming it was the number 1 track on the album closely followed by likely international pop hit ''Love You Long Time''.

In typical Mariah fashion the legendary ballads ''Love Story'' and tear jerker ''Bye Bye'' (an ode to people who have passed away) that will have reallity contestants singing away for years to come!

One track titled ''O.O.C'' summed up the night and the return of Mariah - once the albums out its gonna be ''Out Of Control''.

To recap, here are the confirmed tracks from the new, tentatively-titled Mariah Carey album, That Chick;

''Touch My Body''

'' Migrate ft. T-Pain''

'' Heat''

'' For Real, For Real''

'' That Chick''

'' Cruise Control ft. Damien Marley

'' O.O.C''

'' Bye Bye''

'' Love Story''

''Love You Long Time''

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I can't wait 4 the new album. Mariah has never put out a bad album. Her last one was amazing. She can jus keep them coming. I like the line up of producers and other than Young Jeezy, i like the collaboz 2!! The MJ inspired track sounds interesting.

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