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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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keystylin' - continue the rhyme


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last 14 years hip hops been growing, everyone flowing

but skills they ain't showing, young cats is all knowing

stagnant not growing, commercialization of the game is now blowing

record sales now slowing, record labels I'm loathing

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It's time to kick the propaganda out the showbiz

Find some sort of understanding to find the progression

Of what really matters, there must an expiration of fake rappers

Once the truth is gathered justice will be served for the lyrical masters

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we need the old school heads, back in the game

krs, chuck, will, lyte, heavy and kane

keep the spirit alive, true hip hop will remain

we need to reignite the fire, at the moment its a flickering flame

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Y'all might doubt about this revolution,

But once i've touched the mic y'all will agree this is the solution,

I don't care if this fake mc's are prepared to leave the stage,

I only care about the crowd, they want a change...

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thats the problem, too many emcees fool hearty

all this battle over beef that simply clogs the artery

hip hop's pulse is now dying, no respect for the artistry

all agression, no progression, simply disheartening

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I read and i say next topic people,

This is about hip-hop, not sumbody's ego,

Different views, differents feelings,

Y'all can continue outside the builiding, and i'll give the music some healing...

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Sorry if I took it too far, Just wanted to battle that loser flop

but please stop the whining about that "we want real hip hop"

well tim said some names.. chuck, will, lyte and krs-One

I love KRS, but remember how his first cdcover was filled with guns?

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Hip-Hop is life & world's full of different lifes,

thats why many people constantly critize,

Life got beefs, life got love, joy, pain,

And the genre its too big to just minimize it into a few names...

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Im cool with it, now lets continue the keystilin,

So many cats are quite in here, your attention im requirin,

lets revive the numero uno forum join us,

Cause Im sure that in the very inside the hype aint lost...

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Bringin' "Capital Punishment" to fake artists like the late great Big Pun

Time to deliver classic hits like JJFP's "Brand New Funk"

I don't like hearin' bum rappers spittin' that junk

So I'm set to put an end to their gimmick and stunts and bring in another golden era

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