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My favorites to the final are the lakers and the celtics. As much as I hate them Lakers I have to admit that with the Center back in shape and Gasol, Odom, and Kobe they seem unbeatable. Then we have the Celtics which is the only option I see to beat the lakers other than Phoenix and is the team to take the revenge for the Patriots incident earlier this year...

My sentimental team is Houston there, Tmac is there and I know that the team will play with all their hearts in the game. I just wish that was enough. In the west any team can surprise and win, but i think that in the end, experience and savvy will prevail and is going to win it all. This playoffs surely sound more interesting than the last 8 years or so...

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They won the first one actually!, so did san antonio and the jazz and NO. amazing way to start the playoffs. I hated Kobe on the game against the nuggets.

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Damn Jazz, lol, they sure have a clear advantage. This playoffs are the best!

Hasta la vista Dallas and Phoenix. Jesus, who would have thought of that? well now it seems that the Lakers are going to face The Spurs in the West finals....

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