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Looks like it. However, maybe this will be the chance Shaq needs to show people he's still got it. I remember the last year Shaq and Kobe were teammates Shaq seemed like he was dragging his feet pretty much the whole season.

Oh yeah, the Jazz just escaped with a road win against the Nuggets. Ten straight baby!

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That's a bad move for the Suns, IMO.

I agree. The Heat got the better of this deal. Now Miami can build around Wade and Marion. Their situation is not as dismal as it was about 48 hours ago. They still won't make the playoffs in '08 but they'll be in better shape for '08-'09

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I heard on ESPN today that the Mavs might sign Keith Van Horn out of retirement and trade him to the Nets instead of Deavon George so they could get Jason Kidd, btw I'm watching the Rookie-Sophomore All-Star game right now, good stuff

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