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Okay everyone who is excited by the forthcoming JJFP summer shows should do the following.

I know we are all not in great financial levels right now so i suggest saving just a few dollars/pounds (Moolah) every week. From the start of the New year.

There is a chance that these tour dates get announced very last minute due to Will's schedule and the worst thing would not to have some money ready for it if and when it happens and maybe you need to buy tickets instantly to guarantee your spot.

I don't want anyone on here to miss out on this chance of a life-time so to speak.

In the words of our dude Kel Spencer. I share because i care.

Happy Holidays people


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I've already started! about 100$ right now. but with a flight ticket, hotel and food it will be quite expensive for a 16 year old. But yeah, the worst thing would be if the dates got announced and I didnt have any money...

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This has been a long time dream of mine to see jjfp live... but it's goona be way to expensive i just hope they release a live DVD/CD someday the Will live dvd was cool but i want a proper jjfp set with all the talk about an old school tour.

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I'd love to go but the only problem i have now is finding someone to go with me. My friends arnt really into hip hop their more into rock. If push comes to shove though i'll go alone, yeah it's sad but i really wanna see JJFP live lol

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