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Reflection Eternal & Hi Teknology 3 Appreciation Thread


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Finally copped Reflection Eternal: Train of Thought and Hi Teknology 3 today. I've wanted the Reflection album for a looong time, and I finally shelled out the cash to pick that up along with Hi Teknology 3. I want to give review for both albums, even though I know that Reflection has been out for a couple of years now.

Reflection Eternal: Train of Thought :

I think its close to perfect. Everything from the beats to the rhymes, Tek and Kweli killed it. I know its been out for a couple years now, but I just had to talk about this album because I'm hyped up about it haha. Its in my top 5 favorite albums, no doubt. True underground album, and a must have for every hip hop head. I think that it is a very smooth, uplifting and positive hip hop album, soulful hip hop at its finest. IMO its one the best works of Kweli and Tek, including all of their individual stuff. The whole album is a masterpiece, but some of my favorite tracks include Move Something, The Blast, Memories Live, Name of the Game, Soul Rebels, and Good Mourning. I know that most of yall probably already have this album, but I just gotta give it its props.

Raiting 9.5/10

The Blast Music Video - Reflection Eternal

Hi Teknology 3

Another great album by one of the best producers in Hip Hop today. Hi Tek doesn't disappoint with his third solo album. He keeps his signature sound, and gives us 15 brand new tracks to bump to (including the interludes). Most of the joints are rap, but there are a few nice R&B tracks on here (Life To Me, Know Me). It has a lot of good material on here, but I wouldn't call it a classic album like Reflection Eternal. There are a couple of skip worthy tracks, but overall its dope. Some of the tracks to check for include Back On the Grind, Gods Plan, Ohio All Stars, Come Get It (Teksturmentals), Know Me and Time (ft. Talib Kweli). A good pick up for any Tek and underground heads.

Rating: 8/10

Ohio All Stars ft. Cross, Showtime, Mann & Chipp The Rippa Music Video

Share the love, lets here some more reviews/opinions yall!

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Black Starr is amazing too, no doubt. I have heard a lot of the tracks off of Black Starr, but haven't picked that up yet. Can't wait to get that. Yeah, Teknology Vol 2 was a little better, but 3 is good too.

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"Reflection Eternal: Train Of Thought" is probably the top album of the decade so far, I didn't get "Hi Teknology 3" yet but "Hi Teknology 2" was one of my favorite albums of 2006

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