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The Final I Am Legend Box Office Report + DVD Sales


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Big Ups to Tim for help on the international numbers!!! According to the-numbers.com, I Am Legend has crossed the $100 million mark in overseas box-office returns. I Am Legend is poised to become a monster of a hit for Will Smith. If it keeps its momentum as it has in the U.S., both the U.S. and foreign box-office could top $250 million each.

Domestic: $194.6 million

Overseas: $117.0 million

Worldwide: $311.6 million

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Chalk up another $11 million for I Am Legend during New Year's Eve & New Year's Day. The movie has now grossed over $200 million in the U.S. The movie opened #1 in the U.K. with $21.8 million(thanks Julie).

Domestic: $205.1 million

Overseas: $117.0 million

Worldwide: $322.1 million

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Updated Numbers - The actual box-office numbers are in and I Am Legend has crossed the $300 million worldwide mark. The movie ranks in the top 10 of box-office numbers for 2007 in the U.S. and #11 in the worldwide rankings for 2007. It had the 4th best opening weekend of '07 and now the movie ranks #75 on the all-time list. Will now has 4 movies in the top 100 of all-time(joining ID4, MIB and MIBII). He joins Johnny Depp on that list with 4 movies and trails only Mike Myers, Tom Hanks(they each have 5 in the top 100) and Harrison Ford(6 movies in the top 100).

Domestic: $206.1 million

Overseas: $126.0 million

Worldwide: $332.1 million

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from Variety:

International moviegoing for 2008 got started with a bang as "I Am Legend" and "The Golden Compass" delivered a one-two punch to lead the way for a third straight weekend.

"I Am Legend" stayed solid with $34 million from 3,900 prints in three dozen markets for a beefy $170.2 million foreign cume, while "The Golden Compass" continued to tally amazing numbers overseas with $29 million at 7,000 playdates in 59 territories for an international total of $232 million.

All told, the top seven films in international plexes combined for about $140 million. With the exception of "I Am Legend" and the "AVP" sequel, family fare dominated.

"I Am Legend" launched impressively in Australia with $8.5 million, more than double the debut of "Alvin," and stayed sturdy in the U.K. with a 38% decline to $8 million in its second frame for a $37 million Brit cume. The Will Smith sci-fier also dominated in its Greek debut with $1.9 million and in New Zealand with $1.1 million.

"Legend" has been outperforming similar titles such as "Minority Report" and "I Robot," each of which cumed more than $200 million internationally. It should continue to top the foreign charts next weekend as it heads into Germany and Italy.

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The good times keep on rolling for I Am Legend. The movie finished #3 at the box-office this past weekend with $15.7 million. The movie continued its rampage across Europe and Asia picking up another $52 million overseas. The movie will surely cross the $400 million worldwide mark by Tuesday and internationally it could finish anywhere from $200-250 million.

All of this is significant since Will Smith is pretty much alone for 90% of this movie. The movie now ranks #6 on the U.S. box-office list for 2007 and #10 in the worldwide list for '07. $500 million seems a good bet as its final worldwide tally.

Domestic: $228.0 million

Overseas: $169.3 million

Worldwide: $397.3 million

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Total US Gross $229,118,908

International Gross $170,200,000

Worldwide Gross $399,318,908


It's on the very brink of 400 million. Will is fast approaching 5 billion gross for his films. Hancock will definitely break the record. He's at 4.8 billion right now.


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Updated totals for I Am Legend as of 1.10.08

Domestic: $232.1 million

Overseas: $180.0 million

Worldwide: $412.1 million

When the weekend ends on Sunday evening, I Am Legend will surpass Tom Cruise's War Of The Worlds to become #1 in two sub-genres, Sci-Fi/Horror and Sci-Fi/Remake. It is already #1 in 2 other sub-genres(Future/Near and Vampire). He now has four movies in the top 100 Worldwide Box-Office rankings.

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