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Rate I Am Legend  

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Pretty bad movie. too short and the end was lame. and this is definately not worth a oscar noimination. just because he cryed? man, people even laughed at the serious scenes, there was always this comedic Willism again. One of his worst movies, pretty bad disappointment...

Oh yeah...IAL is totally a comedy...no doubt... ¬¬

Come on.

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i think the laughing is almost an uncomfortable laugh, its like hes crazy and your not quite sure what to do, its funny in a way but very moving. I laughed at the shrek scene but i was also like, wow he really has gone mad and you just feel so sorry for him.

and if they were laughing at the real sad/serious parts then they have no heart or brain haha.

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I watched it at the cinema with friends and back then I would give it something like a 7, interesting movie but the end was a bit of a letdown. The scene where Sam dies is really touching and good acted by Will, you can feel the despair and sadness from his face. Also the scenes in the movie store are quite fun and good acted.

I watched it for the second time with my sister and now I think it deserves an 8. If you watch this film for the second time you will notice more details and everything is easier to understand because you know everything about the flash backs and stuff. Like somewhere at the begin of the movie when Sam runs into the dark and Will is in panic it will make allot more sense knowing what might happen to Sam and the emotions Will is feeling and stuff.

8 out of 10, good movie.

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I really wish that I had never read the book before I saw this film because it was so bad!

I really do not think it should have been called I am Legend because it was barely like the book and the whole idea of the "I am Legend" thing wasn't even in the film. It was stupid. And why were the vampires CGI! there was just no need for that. Why was he a Doctor, Why were there stupid flashbacks, where were there other people!!!!

But I love Will and he was great.

The book aside it was a good film, just not I am Legend! I give it 8/10

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