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How do you think you'd be able to survive if you were Robert Neville in I Am Legend ?


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hmm im not sure if i would kill myself like Will said coz i believe anything is better than being dead BUT in that situation i think maybe it is best to jump off a bridge lol.

I wouldnt bother finding a cure coz it just seems like an impossible task so i'd just do fun things like drive fast thru the streets and attempt to run the rides in disneyland. Yes im selfish. As for running away from zombies, i doubt i would last long, i dont think i could work out how to use a gun.

Good topic

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The dog would be absolutely crucial to my sanity. I always have pondered what isolation would do to me. Isolation with danger would only add to the likelihood of me breaking down. ahhh the movie still has my heart beating like crazy

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I just got home from the movie. As i watched it, i wondered what i would do in his shoes. But now that i'm out of it, i don't wanna think about it. It just depresses me...ha ha. I might come back 2 this topic later.

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