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Theres a lot of people not posting!


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People, now theres a lot of things to talk about. Ale is bringing us a lot of wonderful articles to have opinions about, to discuss. Will appears to be everywhere these days. Music is bringing lots of news, good and bad this month and the Patriots are gonna win it all. Theres a lot of topics posted but theres not enough people commenting on them. I wouldnt want Tim to close this again, and theres a lot of people who come into the forum, read the stuff in there and dont even say hi to the ones who post them, and yall know it aint fair. If you are not D' accord with whats posted, at least say it.

We can make an online reunion, we can make a thankful topic for this xmas, we can all plan to get people to go watch the will new movie, we can all post a Say cheese topic, but lets do sumthing and make this happen.

This is a shoutout to all the people theres been a while I havent seen around here... Lets be seeing yall!

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Life has gotten in the way. Things as my studio are insane. Between the crazy business, the people who have quit becuz they can't handle the volume of business, and lack of coverage, i have been working myself 2 death. I'm trying 2 get more sleep just so i can stand for 2 and half more weeks. Since i'm going 2 bed earlier, i don't get online as much or for as long since i usually do all my online stuff at nite.

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