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Thats the only problem with established artists who get their site done by the record label. They don't tend to have that much on them apart from up to date stuff. Its just so they promote the hell out of what evers coming out next from the artist.
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Guest Prince
[quote=Da Brakes,Aug 27 2004, 02:05 PM]Not to be a pessimist but I really dont think it would happen! If EVERYONE had Will's email address imagine how many emails he'd get! Even if he wanted to get a reply out it would take him [b]forever[/b][/quote]
There is a solution to a sudden surge of emails... Select All > Delete
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Jeff would contact me a few times thru' e-mail but most of the times i've got 2 talk 2 him waz on AIM. He hasn't been on that for a month or 2 tho.' I e-mailed a few of the peeps on the ATOJ who's work i waz familiar with but they havn't gotten back 2 me. Jeff's assistant has in the past but hasn't responded 2 the one i sent 2 weeks ago.
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